We were born out of the belief that we create tomorrow, today.

C'EST DU LUXE is a luxury lifestyle trend forecasting, marketing & digital public relations group based in New York City. 

Through comprehensive analyses of global data, research studies, and reports, we uncover in-depth intelligence and transformational insights in the luxury and lifestyle space. From rebranding projects and high-impact campaigns to serving in place of a marketing department, we forge powerful narratives and inspired campaigns that merge content and commerce. The company was founded in 2017 by Leyda Hernández.



We speak at conferences all around the world.

  • Forbes Under30 Summit, In Conversation with Under30 Marketing Disruptors

  • Forbes CMO Summit, Perspectives on The Future of Marketing, Advertising & Branding

  • Chief Strategy Officer Summit, The Art & Science of Strategy Execution

  • YMS NY, Youth Marketing Strategy Summit, Leadership Redefined: Keeping Up In The Age of Disruption

  • WVRF, World Virtual Reality Forum, Switzerland, Creating a Niche for Virtual Reality in Luxury Travel & Shopping

  • Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, How Vertical Media is Shaping Luxury's Cultural Capital

  • Women in Strategy Summit, Female Millennials: Business Lessons in Love & Luxury

  • West Virginia University, The Evolution of Luxury: How Digital Changed the Rules of Play

  • West Virginia University, The New Billionaires: New Money, Young Money

  • Digital Strategy Innovation Summit, After Digital: Artificial Intelligence & the New Shopping Experience

  • Screenforce Finland, The Future of the Global Luxury Market