Luxury Values

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We create our own.

This is also seen in consumer behavior and their consumptions of goods and services. Thus they no longer are confining to the traditional norms of society, now, we create our own. Discover the major trends affecting our values, our identity systems, and driving cultural phenomenon. 


As the institutions we’ve historically formed our identities around lost their significance in our modern societies they leave behind a shattered sense of identity and belonging. Our increasing multicultural world creates a worldly, cultured yet amorphous reality no longer confined by traditional norms of society opening ourselves to the possibility of meeting the truest version of ourselves, an identity all create-your-own. 


The nomadic culture is soon going to become a norm. Consumers no longer want ownership of things. This phenomenon is known as cloud culture. They are also moving away from we-time towards me-time and are possessing over the importance of disconnecting from work time. Consumers no longer confined to their age or sex, they are also becoming more adaptive to newer concepts and this information is crucial to brands. Their definitions of lifestyle and milestone are also changing. Thus, brands have to be on toes always and compete with the fast changing mind of consumers.