Personal Essay Style: Glamping in Moab, Utah / self care tourism is on the rise


After traveling two weeks out of every month, I couldn't remember the last time I had a routine of any sort. Now, I was moving across the country, from Seattle to New York, with a burning need to both disconnect and reconnect to the people close to me. This feeling of detachment to any home inspired my mother and me to turn the event into a nine-day moving road trip across the country.

The truth is that in my life, opportunities to connect with my mom and disconnect from modern society were few and far between. It was the ultimate luxury, and we treated it as such. Glamping blends the escapism of camping with the glamorous accommodations of a 21st-century hotel. Several days in, after spending the afternoon exploring the Delicate Arch, we started on a new adventure to Under Canvas, a 40-acre glamping dessert retreat nine miles outside of Moab, Utah.

Today, opting out is just as valid a form of self-care as an afternoon at the spa, and glamping is the perfect answer to opt out fabulously.  Wellness retreats have grown in popularity. Public opinion around health has shifted in recent years, and today, the majority of Americans recognize vacation retreats as an opportunity to heal physically and mentally (Statista).

Glamping is a competitive alternative to the traditional hotel experience.  For a traveler searching for a way to disconnect from the modern world in a way that feels effortless and personal, glamping is a refreshing alternative. In 2015, Americans spent $202.2 billion on wellness tourism alone, making up more than 35 percent of the global market (Global Wellness Institute). No longer a mere indulgence, but a lifestyle, the growing discovery, and exploration of wellness lifestyles opens us up to new possibilities.