Personal Essay Style: Glamping in Moab, Utah / Luxury Experience


A stillness you can't believe...

Let's start with the lobby. At Under Canvas Moab, a massive tipi houses a spacious and beautifully decorated lounge with perfectly curated pieces that bring the beauty of the landscape outside indoors.  A fire pit in the center of the room provides a welcoming ambiance for guests coming in from an evening walk through the crisp desert air. A dangling chandelier frames dramatic canyons and towering plateaus just out of reach that it makes you forget what you were even there to do - check-in. 

In the evening, guests sit around an open bonfire and roast complimentary marshmallows and smores, each sharing stories of their travels, chronicling where they’d just been and where they are headed next. 

We all need somewhere we can escape to, getting away from it all. A luxury retreat isn't just beautiful accommodations; it offers the experience of a different reality and finally, breathe easy.