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C'EST DU LUXE is an intelligence & consulting firm for lifestyle and luxury businesses. 

We do trend and innovation work for some of the most fantastic brands & people in the world. Businesses work with us to be challenged in their thinking and define a vision for the future.


trend forecasting

innovation consulting

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- 7 Entertainment Television, Paris
- An Intimate Conversation with Leyda Hernandez  (2019)Yahoo Finance
- Women in Business: Personal Stories (2018)Chief Strategy Officer Summit
- The Art & Science of Strategy Execution (2018)Forbes CMO Summit
- Perspectives on The Future of Marketing, Advertising & Branding (2018)Youth Marketing Strategy Summit (YMS NY)
- Leadership Redefined: Keeping Up In The Age of Disruption (2018)Forbes Under30 Summit
- In Conversation with Under30 Marketing Disruptors (2018)Digital Publishing Innovation Summit
- How Vertical Media is Shaping Luxury's Cultural Capital (2018)World Virtual Reality Forum, Switzerland
- Keynote Creating a Niche for Virtual Reality in Luxury Travel & Shopping (2018)Screenforce, Finland
- Keynote The Future of the Global Luxury Market (2018)Take the Lead Podcast
- How C'est Du Luxe's Trend Forecasting is Opening New Doors in the World of Luxury (2018)Digital Strategy Innovation Summit
- Keynote After Digital: Artificial Intelligence & the New Shopping Experience (2018)Women in Strategy Summit
- Keynote Female Millennials: Business Lessons in Love & Luxury (2018)West Virginia University: 
- Keynote The Evolution of Luxury: How Digital Changed the Rules of Play (2018)
- Keynote The New Billionaires: New Money, Young Money (2018)

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Digital Marketing for Interior Designers


March 18, 2020 / New York

Leyda Hernandez of C’EST DU LUXE is sharing insights, business advice, and marketing hacks in this incredible workshop for interior designers.

Running or starting an interior design business can be exciting, fulfilling, and at times, incredibly thrilling! With new generations and new styles and trends in play, the possibilities for interior designers and decorators are infinite.

Prepare for success with this intensive workshop and create a marketing process that works. With expert insights, I will be sharing some of my favorite digital marketing campaigns, showing you how they did it, and sharing behind-the-scenes tips throughout the workshop on how to brand, market, and grow your business online.